Marketing Strategy

Design of social media posts to support digital campaign

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L Street Collab

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January 9, 2024

Client ask:

Build a digital marketing strategy for two social media platforms: LinkedIn and Instagram. Once completed, design social media posts.


Built on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and Adobe Express. Instagram formats (1080x1080 feed post, 1080x1260 vertical feed post, 1080x1920 reels)

Scope of Work:

Designed a 6 month social media strategy, including the topic for each post, its publishing date, the type of visual (image, carousel, or video) and a progress column to track each post until completion. The results showed a total engagement increase of 12% within the first year. How did I accomplish this?

  • The first step was to execute an audit to their LinkedIn profile that would help identify the topics and type of content needed for the new marketing strategy.
  • The second step was to do research about their target audience, their interests when browsing digital channels, and put together a list of the services the company provides to its clients. After this, create a library of content that would help build the content calendar.
  • The last step was to design a content calendar that would include the topics and services written in the created content library.

The content calendar above allowed me to design a month of content in advance, as all the topics were already assigned.

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