Brochure Design

Designed three options for brochure layout, colors, and icons

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March 21, 2024

Client ask:

Design 3 brochure options with 3 different color palettes.

Brochure size:

Built on Adobe Illustrator. Brochure Size: 8.5x5.5"

Scope of Work:

The client received the layout from three different pages for the brochure, these pages included headline, image and graphic treatments within the content.

  • Characteristics of the first option: Cooler tones, cut out treatment for the images, abstract shapes for the graphic elements, and line icons for highlight sections.
  • Characteristics of the second option: Green and vibrant color palette, geometrical shapes to complement the layout design, and line icons for infographic sections.
  • Characteristics of the third option: Green and earthy colors, as the client wanted to see an integration of the outdoors into one of the versions, the icons and a progress path was included in the layout design.
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